The four step process is necessary to succeed.

Today, I learned a major lesson about business in general, and my ecommerce website, Native Green Garden Supplies, specifically. My lesson is that you have to go through the process. There are no short cuts to success.

Previously, I thought I was close to starting the ecommerce site. I watched YouTube videos that stated an ecommerce site could be started from scratch in 60 minutes. I also read the emails, that said it was soooo easy to start my very own ecommerce site. But, slowly and surely, as each week passed by, I realized I still did not have the website ready to go. I still was not making any money from this project. I made the determination that this project is different. This project is one that I will continue on. I decided that I would not quit until I made it.

I kept reading and watching FREE information about the process. The four step process that will make anyone successful. The four step process of Decide, Plan, Progress, Achieve, is something EVERYONE HAS TO DO to achieve their goal. It is a fact. It is proven that everyone who follows this four step process will achieve their goal. Anyone CAN use this process for their particular project. But not everyone WILL use this process.

BUT, there is more. The little details and road blocks that are unique to each plan. The obstacles that stop so many people from achieving their stated goals.

The numbers do not lie. There is a specific amount of money I need to spend. Every penny can really be acounted for. In other words, I should have a good, accurate number of how much I have to spend and how much I expect to make for EVERY product I sell.

Today, I realized the saying is true. “Business is a numbers game.”

  • I can tell how much money I paid for a product.
  • I know how much ¬†am selling the product for.
  • I also know how much I am going to make in profit for each product.
  • I know how many products I want to sell.

I learned my lesson when I was completing my advertising campaigns for Native Green Garden Supplies.

  • Decide
  • Plan
  • Achieve
  • Succeed

I will say one thing. The more tasks I achieve towards my goal, the more optimism I have that I will actually make this work. I am still in the achieve phase of my project. I made small tasks to complete that will get me towards my goal.

I saved some motivational videos on my YouTube channel, if you are interested.

I hope you have a wonderful day!