Build a team to accomplish more…

It might sound like I am backtracking on what I previously wrote. I wrote that it is your dream, and other people might not be able to see your dream. However, “your dream”, does not necessarily mean that you have to do it yourself. You can accomplish so much more, when you have a team around you that can do what you want them to do. Does that make sense?

You are responsible for making your dream come true. But you are not responsible for doing all the work at all times. The biggest companies started withone person’s idea. But that person built a team, even with one person, that spread the work load out, and more was accomplished.

Having a team around you, doing what you want them to do, means that instead of one person lifting 1000 lbs, you have a team around you that can help. You can have 5 people lifting 1000 lbs. That is much easier, right?

I am at this point now. I have my dream. I have the things I want to get done. But, it just seems like there is not enough time in the day. Right now, I only have two hands. I can only accomplish so much in the 24 hourof the day. But, if I can find one other person that wants to get involved, I can focus on making some of the other moves that I want to make.

I need a partner. These are the qualifications I am looking for:

  • Needs to be computer savvy. I am using Microsoft, and would like to make a website, and database using Microsoft Access. I would even pay for classes/training for the right person.
  • Needs to be good with accounting. I can make the money. I just have to get better with putting the money in the right place.
  • Needs to be friendly. I want to have a professional business. I do not tolerate rudeness to customers under ANY circumstances. I would rather walk away from a customer then be rude to them.
  • Needs to be career minded. Wants to be part of a growing company. I want to be an expert, and one of the top 10 on Long Island. I have BIG dreams for these projects.

My idea is that I want to hire someone that can be in place, so when the company does grow, we can all move up. I want to be able to hire from within the company. Training and teamwork is critical.

I am not looking for someone exactly like me. I believe teams should have a variety of personalities and individuals. Diversity is important because EVERYONE contributes something to the group. That is teamwork.

I wish all of you the best of luck.

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!

Have a wonderful day.


The Meherrin Indians

Here is a link to a partial history of the Meherrin Indians. It is on Wikipedia. I will search for more information.
It must have been a bad time. We are so fortunate in America. When I was stationed in Germany, we did military exercises with other countries. I kept thinking to myself,”Americans are so lucky and fortunate to not have planes and military vehicles from other countries on our soil.” There are not many countries in the world that can say that.
Native Americans were living on North America, and a colonialist nation sent ships and people here. It had to be so selfish. If a stranger comes on your land, you should have a right to defend your land, right? But, in America’s situation, the Native Americans were perceived as the “bad guys”. I won’t go into what happened next. We know what happened next.
Meherrin Indians were not a huge tribe, as far as I can tell. But, there is a Meherrin River. And the Meherrin Indian tribe is one of only 8 state recognized Indian tribes in North Carolina.

I will keep searching for information and present it to you in the future.

Have a wonderful day.






Discipline is necessary to achieve every dream.

Goals and dreams are nice. They are so neat when they are inside your head, right? So, when you are going through the four step plan (Decide, Plan Progress, Achieve) , you have to have discipline to actually make your dreams come true. You are going to have obstacles thrown at you. Some of these obstacles will come from the outside. Some of the obstacles will come from WITHIN you. You have to stick with your decision that you are going to achieve your goal. Discipline is neccessary here.

One of the reasons, I say discipline is important, is that I see a lot of people say,”I tried that already.” Or a reponse might be,”It has never been done before. It is an impossible task.” I can go down a list of excuses of why someone did not achieve their dream.

At first, I have sympathy for people. But then, I realize one very important fact. EVERY THING IS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT HAPPENS. Up until 1954, it was impossible for a human to run a mile in less then 4 minutes. But then, someone named Roger Bannister achieved it. In 1954, Roger Bannister ran a mile, in England in 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds.

Discipline is critical. It is so easy to say, “Well, no one else has done it, so I don’t feel bad.” But the truth is that, if you quit something, you will really NEVER know whether you could have accomplished it or not. So, don’t give up! Discipline yourself. Keep looking at your notes. Look at your progress, but don’t look back in a way that you want to go back to the past. Keep moving towards your goal.

Discipline is necessary to achieve every goal. Good luck to you.

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!

Have a wonderful day.


Meherrin Footprints will lead me to my financial goal.

There are four steps to success of any goal you may have/want/attain to achieve. 1. Decide 2. Plan 3. Progress 4. Achieve. That is it! Easy for me to say, right? Well, I am putting my money where my mouth is. I have started my own business, and will set up 5 other businesses as multiple streams of income. My financial goal is to make $100,000 by the year 2020. I am not sure I can do this with one single company. However, I have the confidence and the know-how to make it with 6 different companies.

Meherrin Indian is my heritage. The word “footprints” is appropriate because it is my footprint on the world. My slogan is “Service and Philanthropy.” Stay tuned for the mission statement of each company. I think you will like it. This is my starting point.  Step 2. My plan.

Step 3 means that you must make progress. A dream is just a dream until you do something TOWARDS your goal. That is when your prayers are answered. When you actually do something. There will always be challenges in life. But you have to make the commitment to stay on your course when you come up to a road block. Think about it. If I stayed at home on my couch with a fancy dream, how can I expect to achieve my dream unless I actually GET OFF MY COUCH? Maybe mental telepathy will be perfected one day. But I do not think it serves my purposes today.

As it stands, I am not at my goal just yet. I am not where I want to be financially. However, I can say that the more I get closer to my goal, the better I feel. My path gets clearer every time I accomplish a task that gets me closer to success. That gives me more energy to work harder.

I have not achieved step 4 just yet. I will keep you posted. This blog is about that journey. I hope it might help motivate you to reach your goal as well. We all have goals and dreams.

Pick a Dream…and GO FOR IT!

I hope you have a wonderful day!



The Journey Begins

Thank you for joining me!

My project is called Meherrin Footprints. Service and Philanthropy.

I started working on projects that I am passionate about. My mission statement is, “To build a network of companies that provide service and philanthropy to people locally and globally.

Check back often.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!

John Lewis

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” — Izaak Walton