Discipline is My the Word of the Day.


Happy Friday. Discipline is my word of the day. According to Mirriam-Webster, “discipline” is, “orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior.” Orderly or prescribed. When you set a goal for yourself, and go on your path to success, you normally want to go the most direct path to your desired goal. When you are disciplined, you are focused on a fine line. A fine line that is the shortest distance between two points. When you are disciplined, you have confidence to face the challenges on your way to achieving your goal.

In terms of sports, discipline can mean the difference between winning and losing a game. Teams practice plays in an effort to increase the chances of beating their opponent. Individuals practice to improve their particular assignment. Teams that are not so disciplined, tend to give up when the score is not in their favor. Sometimes, we see an athlete(s) not give 100%. The teams that are the most disciplined, go further than teams that are not so disciplined.

If you really want to reach your goal, you have to be disciplined enough to keep struggling through the challenges and opportunities. Life is full of challenges and opportunities. Tough times and easy times. Positive and negative. Both sides of that fine line that connect you to your “goal.” Your goal. Discipline takes you on that line past all the challenges, and past all the negativity.

Discipline is my word of the day. I wish you all much success.

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!


“You cannot climb the ladder of Success with Your Hands in your Pockets.”

This quote is from Arnold Schwartzenegger on www.youtube.com.

The title of the video is “6 Rules for Success.” And you should pay attention to what the man said.

You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets. This means to me that if you WANT something, you have to actually DO something towards achieving that goal.

I hear a lot of people asking, “How can I be rich like this person?” Or make a statement like, “That person started out rich, so I will never make it to where they are. “There is not enough time in the day.” There are all kinds of “obstacles” and “reasons” that can prevent an individual from achieving their goal. Most of these “obstacles” and “reasons” originate in the dreamer’s mind.

Why don’t you at least TRY to reach your goal? Every single person on this earth is different. We all have different situations to deal with. We all have unique goals and dreams. Everyone’s dream and path in life is unique to that person.

The mind is more powerful than we know. We have not discovered all the capabilities of the human mind. We are learning more and more each day. IF you believe in your heart that you want to do something, then you should listen to your own voice. IF a voice inside you tells you that you CAN do something, then you should prepare yourself for the journey. IF you are tired of listening to others telling you not to do something because “It has already been done”, or “It cannot be done,” or even because…..(you can fill in the blanks), then I say you should listen to someone else. Listen to someone positive. There are plenty of positive people out there.

But you have to make the first move. You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.

I wish you the best of luck.

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!


Make a routine to be successful.

If you have a dream, you might say, ” I don’t know where to start.” This is a logical question. After you make your first step, you must have discipline to make a routine to be successful. And you have to have discipline to stick to your routine. This is a critical portion in the four step process for success.

When you make your plan, it will probably sound perfect in your mind. But in reality, you are gong to hit speed bumps, detours, and obstacles. Not to worry. Make a routine that you can achieve small successes on your way to the BIG success. When you achieve small successes, the speed bumps and obstacles will be insignificant. Success breeds confidence. Confidence leads to progress. Progress leads you to success.

A routine helps your mind know that you are actually working on making progress. An example is saving money for a particular event/item. If you do not normally save money, it might be tough for you to get started. No worries. Start saving a small amount, like $5.00 every time you get paid. Get into the habit of putting $5.00 into an account. After a few weeks, you will be trained to put $5.00 away. You will know that is what you are supposed to do. Eventually, you will want to put more money away.

Make a routine that you can achieve small successes. The small successes will lead you to your BIG success.

I wish you all the best of luck.

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!



I received my logo for Meherrin Footprints


I received my logo. Now, I have will build a platform to get the word out about my projects.

Sometimes, when you have an idea, you work hard and stress out about making it to a certain point. And then, when you reach the point, you think your work is over. However, the work is really just beginning. But it feels pretty good to make an accomplishment nonetheless.

Good luck to you all. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!




You have to have a dream in order to have a happy ending…

You have to have a dream in order to have a happy ending. If you have no dream, then you are just spinning your wheels. How you live is completely up to you. So, if you want to have a happy ending, then you absolutely have to have a dream in the first place.

Accept that you actually have a dream. Something that might be hidden in the corner of your mind somewhere. Something that you might have put off until “another day.” I will start on it another “year”. Why not start on your dream today???

What is wrong with cleaning the dust off your dream, and saying, “OK, I will reconsider my dream. What is wrong with working on your dream one little step at a time? It is better to try and fail, then not try at all. If you do not try, then you will feel guilty that you did not do anything about it. Or you will blame someone else for you not being able to achieve YOUR dream.

I have an for you. Why don’t  you ask someone for a little help? Someone that can help you get started. That someone is called a mentor. That someone can be someone who is in the field that you want to be in. Mentors are awesome because they had to start off somewhere, and they probably have an idea of the difficulty you are going through. Mentors do not do the work for you. Mentor can provide essential guidance that you need. Even if it is to just get started.

You might even be able to find a group that can help you. There are probably people who are in the same situation you are.

A lot of successful people would be more than willing to help another person succeed. It is a law of nature. When you help someone, that help will come back to you. It might not be from that same person that you helped. But, things happen in strange ways.

All this is possible. But you have to acknowledge your dream first. You have to have a dream before you can have a happy ending. Good luck to you.

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!







Just decide to do something towards your dream…

I am here to tell you something. Just decide to do something towards your dream. Do you know why I say this? Because the longer you procrastinate, the more you are actually building an obstacle that will give you more excuses not to go for your dream. Just decide  to do something towards your dream. What do you really have to lose?

If you have a dream, you might have run the idea past your friends or your family. Maybe they were not so positive of it. What did you do after that? Did you think to yourself that you know you have a great idea? Or did you start to doubt yourself? And then you probably just sat on your idea, right? You might have even forgot about it.

Meanwhile your dream is still there. Waiting for you to put some action to it. It is your dream. No one in the entire universe will ever have the same exact dream as you. This explains that funny feeling that you get when you don’t do something towards your goal. A part of you knows what you should be doing.

When you work for an employer, do you know what you are doing? You are helping someone else achieve their dream. Yes, you get paid. You are actually exchanging your time, for money. This is why some people make more money than others. The person with the money, places a value on a particular job. That job helps the employer make more money for the employer. You might not make more money, until you show the employer that you can actually make more money-for the employer.

My advice to you is to keep working at your job. You need an income. There is no doubt about that. But I am sure you can find some time in the day to make a plan on how to make your dream come true. Eventually, you will start to make a little bit of money towards your dream. Then your life will change… I promise.

Just decide to do something towards your dream.

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!

Best of luck to you.