Business is about gaining and retaining customers

I believe that business is about how well you can gain and retain customers. After you gain the customers, the profit will come. But customers have to come first.

For me, customer satisfaction is critical to success. I can probably charge a lot more for my services, but I am more interested in getting a higher number of customers. I tell myself that a company can take advantage of me one time. Since we live in America, I have the freedom to go to another company at any time. This is one freedom that I exercise.

I am grateful for having customers. I try to provide value with my services.

There are other companies that provide the same service I do. In fact, when I tell people I started a landscaping company, a lot of responses are, “There are a lot of landscaping companies on Long Island.” I am not competing with any other company. I only “compete” with myself, and my ability to provide excellent service to my customers. I have gained more and more customers each year, so far. And in turn, I am making more money each year. I am so grateful to my customers.

I wish all of you the best of luck.

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!


Driving for Uber is best when you own your own vehicle.

I Went to my Uber vehicle rental company yesterday. I had been writing to someone by email at the company explaing that I need to lower my costs. Renting a vehicle to drive for Uber is not the way to go in the long term.  When I first started, there were people telling me, you should rent a vehicle at first, because you do not know if you will like driving so much. I took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. A year and a half later, I find myself counting how much money I have given away. And he vehicle was not that great. It looked a little bad, even after I cleaned it up.

I had such an experience finding a dealership that would helpme. Everyone wanted me to make a big down payment for a used vehicle. Or they wanted me to lease a vehicle, due to the NYC For Hire Vehicle License Cap.

Also, I live on Long Island. It is more economical tand lucrative for me to drive for Uber and Uber Eats on Long Island.

I went to a dealer, called Major World. I will say that I can give this dealership an excellent rating. They break the selling process down to three sections, if necessary. I initiated an interivew online. Someone replied to me in a reasonable time. I had some prerequisites and some questions. The rep did not promise me anything, but she said she would try. When I walked into the store, I was greeted by someone who immediately took me to a desk, and got my information.  Once my information was processed, I was instructed to speak with a sales person in the new car department. By the end of the night, I drove off the lot with a brand new vehicle. A 2018 Chevrolet Cruze (LT version). More about my visit, and my impressions of the vehicle in future posts.

But, I definitely have to say, with the numbers alone, If you want to drive for Uber, you should wiat until you have a good down payment, and purchase your own vehicle. Good luck to you!0919180743[1]

CitiCourier Transportation Service is born.

I purchased my own vehicle yesterday. It took me all day to convince the dealership that they should sell me a vehicle. And they should sell me a vehicle because they would be helping me and my big plan in life.

I explained to the dealer that I was unable to make a down payment. I explained that I was paying a lot by renting a vehicle.

  • $385.00 a week to pay for the vehicle, TLC insurance, and maintenance.
  • $200 a week for fuel. (at $30 a day)
  • $100 a week for the EZ Pass tolls. Yes, the customer pays for tolls in the trip, but I have to pay it up front.

Owning my own vehicle means I have MUCH more control over my budget, and my time. I am paying less then half of what I was paying before. I now have the option to pay for maintenance when it is necessary, and not when the rental company says they will fix it.

CitiCourier Transportation Service is born. I have applied to make an Uber account to drive and pick up passengers on Long Island. I also signed up for Uber Eats.  These two activities should give me an income to supplement the landscaping business for now.

My next step is to purhase a truck

for Native Green Landscaping Services, Inc.