Discipline is My the Word of the Day.


Happy Friday. Discipline is my word of the day. According to Mirriam-Webster, “discipline” is, “orderly or¬†prescribed¬†conduct or pattern of behavior.” Orderly or prescribed. When you set a goal for yourself, and go on your path to success, you normally want to go the most direct path to your desired goal. When you are disciplined, you are focused on a fine line. A fine line that is the shortest distance between two points. When you are disciplined, you have confidence to face the challenges on your way to achieving your goal.

In terms of sports, discipline can mean the difference between winning and losing a game. Teams practice plays in an effort to increase the chances of beating their opponent. Individuals practice to improve their particular assignment. Teams that are not so disciplined, tend to give up when the score is not in their favor. Sometimes, we see an athlete(s) not give 100%. The teams that are the most disciplined, go further than teams that are not so disciplined.

If you really want to reach your goal, you have to be disciplined enough to keep struggling through the challenges and opportunities. Life is full of challenges and opportunities. Tough times and easy times. Positive and negative. Both sides of that fine line that connect you to your “goal.” Your goal. Discipline takes you on that line past all the challenges, and past all the negativity.

Discipline is my word of the day. I wish you all much success.

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!


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