Build a team to accomplish more…

It might sound like I am backtracking on what I previously wrote. I wrote that it is your dream, and other people might not be able to see your dream. However, “your dream”, does not necessarily mean that you have to do it yourself. You can accomplish so much more, when you have a team around you that can do what you want them to do. Does that make sense?

You are responsible for making your dream come true. But you are not responsible for doing all the work at all times. The biggest companies started withone person’s idea. But that person built a team, even with one person, that spread the work load out, and more was accomplished.

Having a team around you, doing what you want them to do, means that instead of one person lifting 1000 lbs, you have a team around you that can help. You can have 5 people lifting 1000 lbs. That is much easier, right?

I am at this point now. I have my dream. I have the things I want to get done. But, it just seems like there is not enough time in the day. Right now, I only have two hands. I can only accomplish so much in the 24 hourof the day. But, if I can find one other person that wants to get involved, I can focus on making some of the other moves that I want to make.

I need a partner. These are the qualifications I am looking for:

  • Needs to be computer savvy. I am using Microsoft, and would like to make a website, and database using Microsoft Access. I would even pay for classes/training for the right person.
  • Needs to be good with accounting. I can make the money. I just have to get better with putting the money in the right place.
  • Needs to be friendly. I want to have a professional business. I do not tolerate rudeness to customers under ANY circumstances. I would rather walk away from a customer then be rude to them.
  • Needs to be career minded. Wants to be part of a growing company. I want to be an expert, and one of the top 10 on Long Island. I have BIG dreams for these projects.

My idea is that I want to hire someone that can be in place, so when the company does grow, we can all move up. I want to be able to hire from within the company. Training and teamwork is critical.

I am not looking for someone exactly like me. I believe teams should have a variety of personalities and individuals. Diversity is important because EVERYONE contributes something to the group. That is teamwork.

I wish all of you the best of luck.

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!

Have a wonderful day.


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