A mindset change can do wonders

I have an idea for you. I want you to say two sentences, and let me know if you feel a difference between the two sentences.

“I can’t.”

” I don’t know how.”

When you say, “I don’t know how,” you are leaving open the possibility that an event CAN happen. If you want to accomplish something, your mind will go to work, and look for solutions.

When you say, ” I can’t,” you are actually giving up before you even start or attempt to accomplish your goal, or reach your dream.

I am not an expert on the mind just yet, but I do know that the mind is so powerful, that mankind may never know the full potential of the human mind. That is so awesome. Infinite possibilities.

People have studied the relationship between the brain, and the mind. The brain is the physical matter inside your skull. The mind refers to the intangible results that come from the brain’s actions. This relationship is called neuroscience.

Here is a link to an article on the conscious mind.

It is a readable article. Rene Descartes studied the relationship between the brain and the mind.

Back to my original questions. Do you feel a difference when you say the two sentences? I do. There is a certain amount of futility when I say, ” I can’t.” When I say this sentence, I am signaling that, for whatever reason, I have basically given up on my objective.

I have changed my mindset. I now say,” I don’t know how.” I am letting you know that  I am open to suggestions and solutions, and that I have not given up on my dream.

Try it out, and let me know how it works out for you.

Good luck to you!

Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!




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