The Meherrin Indians

Here is a link to a partial history of the Meherrin Indians. It is on Wikipedia. I will search for more information.
It must have been a bad time. We are so fortunate in America. When I was stationed in Germany, we did military exercises with other countries. I kept thinking to myself,”Americans are so lucky and fortunate to not have planes and military vehicles from other countries on our soil.” There are not many countries in the world that can say that.
Native Americans were living on North America, and a colonialist nation sent ships and people here. It had to be so selfish. If a stranger comes on your land, you should have a right to defend your land, right? But, in America’s situation, the Native Americans were perceived as the “bad guys”. I won’t go into what happened next. We know what happened next.
Meherrin Indians were not a huge tribe, as far as I can tell. But, there is a Meherrin River. And the Meherrin Indian tribe is one of only 8 state recognized Indian tribes in North Carolina.

I will keep searching for information and present it to you in the future.

Have a wonderful day.






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