Become Reliable and Competent in your Field.

“If you are going to do something, do it right.”

We have all heard that, right? It is excellent advice.

If you are going to Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT, then you should really strive to be the best that you can be.

There is always going to be demand in the marketplace for reliability and competence. Think about it. People pay for reliability and competence. That is what contracts are all about. One party says they will provide a product or perform a service, and the other side says they will pay money for that service or product. Would you pay full price for an item that is broken on the shelf? No. You expect a certain quality when you exchange your money for that item.

So, what does it take to become that provider of excellent products and services? How do we get to that point, where we can demand top dollar in the marketplace for our products and services?

We have to learn. We have to read about our field. We have to listen to the people who are currently at the top of our field. We should try to find a mentor if at all possible. And then we have to do everything we can to become that expert. To become that expert that people will go to when they need information.

Harvard Business Review published an article titled The Making of an Expert.

I recommend you read this article. A dream is just a dream until you start working towards that dream. A problem is that you will come across obstacles and challenges on your way to achieving your dream.

Here is my recommendation to you. If you get frustrated, turn the light on. You cannot see anything in a dark room. Your mind wanders. Every little sound makes your imagination go wild. And then you find the light switch, and turn the lights on. All those thoughts disapear so fast.

Frustration and fear is the absense of hope and information. The darkness. Your remedy is to turn on the light. Educate yourself about your goal. Read or listen to other people who have already gone through what you are going through right now. The more you learn about your goal, the more confidence you will have in being able to achieve your goal. If you want to be successful in that field, become active in the field.

You can do it. Pick a dream…and GO FOR IT!!

Good luck to you.



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