Keep your eyes on your goal…

“The only time you will see obstacles is when you take your eyes off your goal.” I heard this from someone a very long time ago. I don’t even remember the situation, but I do remember the saying. I keep it in mind pretty often. It just goes to show that you never really know where you will get your information and guidance from in life.

I like to run, and for me, the saying has a lot of relevance when I run. If I feel like I am tired, I just think about my goal, which might be to make it to the next street light. Or sometimes, I want to catch a particular person that is ahead of me. It really does work because it is true. Yes, I have trophies to prove it.

In terms of my project that I have started, there really is nothing that is gong to stop me from achieving my goal of making $120,000 in 2022. Even when crazy life events get me down, I have confidence that I will make my goal. Because I have my cards to remind me of the path I need to take. The cards are like my scaffolding to make the frame of my financial house.

When you have a goal in your mind, you are thinking of how to make it to that goal. And that is it. The word focused comes to mind. Your subconscious mind knows where you want to go, and the course is plotted. When you make your goal, you might not know HOW you will reach your dream. But I assure you that your mind is working. You start searching, and the more you work towards your dream, more doors will open.

You cannot see anything else except your goal. Small obstacles will pop up here and there, but you just jump right over those obstacles. Or you go around the speed bumps. Or you go under the low bridges. Keep you eyes on your goal…

Good luck to you! Have a wonderful day!

John Lewis



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